• Time Sensitive & Critical Information for Accident Victims

    Sometimes in life, people tend to minimize the importance or impact a situation may have only to later suffer the consequences for not taking action. Did You Know that a minor fender bender can cause injury to the body that can result in pain and diminished physical capacity? Immediately following the fender bender, you may feel no pain or discomfort at all. In fact, the impact to your body may not become evident until well after the 14 day requirement imposed by the insurance companies. This means that if you see medical care AFTER 14 days, you may not get coverage from your insurance provider. Taking immediate action after an accident, no matter how minor, is critical.

    Chiropractic care helps get you back on the road to recovery fast. Whether it’s a car accident or a slip and fall at home, accidents happen and when they do, chances are your body has been thrown out of alignment. The question is, to what degree?


    Chiropractic Care assists in natural healing

    Many people have found relief in chiropractic care after having sustained injury from an accident. The forces absorbed by the body from an accident can push the vertebrae out of alignment and the symptoms of injury are not always immediately evident. It could take days, weeks and sometimes even months for symptoms to occur. This is why it is important to be examined after any accident.

    The human body has a natural capacity for self-healing; however, the natural healing process is helped or hindered by function of the nerves. Nerves pinched by spinal misalignment can cause varying degrees of discomfort and they compromise the body’s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic treatments readjust the spine so that it comes back into alignment, relieving pressure on the nerves thus allowing healing energy to flow.

    Thorough chiropractic exams can reveal other health issues

    Seeking Chiropractic care after an injury also has the added benefit of exposing conditions that you may not be aware of. Occasionally a patient will come in seeking relief from an injury sustained in a crash or fall and the examination uncovers a health issue completely unrelated to the injury. If the issue can be addressed through chiropractic care, an appropriate treatment plan will be recommended. Your chiropractor will always advise you to consult with your primary physician if necessary.

    Ignoring injuries because they don’t seem serious or because they are not causing problems at the moment can have serious health implications in the future. Opting for chiropractic care is a way to help your body heal naturally, and in many cases faster, than simply treating symptoms with pain medication and time.

    Keep your body healthy and moving smoothly with Life First Chiropractic care. Remember injuries can often be subtle and seem invisible for a time. We can find spinal misalignment issues and get you on the road to a fast recovery.

    Ready to make your first appointment? It’s never been easier! Book online at www.LifeFirstChiropractic.com or Call 954-941-4000.

    To Your Prolonged Health,
    Dr. Ashley


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