• Who’s Got Your Back? Local Pompano Beach Family Chiropractor Changing Lives!

    Are you experiencing back pain and can’t figure out the cause? Are you pregnant and experiencing back pain as a result of your body changes? Believe it or not, back pain can be caused by a number of factors. Looking for a local Pompano Beach chiropractor who can help assess your condition and provide preventative care methods to preserve good spinal health? We are easy to find on East Atlantic Boulevard and offer services for the entire family!

    What is spinal health?

    Optimum spinal health is operating under the best conditions and following simple steps to keep your spine in good shape. This includes standing, lifting, sitting, carrying items, reaching and bending. While good spinal health is associated with alleviating back pain, it deals with so much more. A well aligned spine can assist in preventing diseases, aid in providing a deeper sleep and improve energy levels.

    How can a prenatal chiropractor help expectant mothers?

    Expectant mothers have a number of things taking place throughout their bodies during the various stages of pregnancy. One of the main reoccurring complaints is back pain. Our prenatal services help expectant mothers alleviate back pain. A prenatal chiropractor will assist in keeping expectant mothers healthy while avoiding headaches, colds and other common illnesses that may result from a misaligned spine.

    How can children benefit from seeing a chiropractor?

    Kids may experience back pain from carrying backpacks, equipment or instruments that are too heavy. A Pompano Beach chiropractor can keep them well aligned while alleviating that back pain with a kind, gentle and fun approach. At Dr. Ashley’s office, kids love the environment and love to come back time and time again for the entertainment and pain relief.

    Life First Chiropractic accommodates all ages and members of the family in a warm, welcoming environment. There’s a reason why Dr. Ashley is loved throughout Pompano Beach. Call or come in and see how we’re changing lives today!

    Call today and put your mind and body at ease with a visit to Dr. Ashley and see why her clients love her and the family friendly atmosphere at Life First Chiropractic.

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